SK Magic WIZ S+ Floor Standing WPU-310F Korea Water Dispenser

SK Magic Wiz S+ Ideal for home and office who need a massive capacity water dispenser filter purifier system with hot and cold water temperature

Never experience any interruption with the large stainless steel cold and hot water storage capacity

SK Magic Wiz S Floor


SK Magic Wiz S UV lamp

SK Magic Wiz S+ Water tap sterilization every 2 hours to sterilizes 99% of harmful Microbes

The water tap is constantly exposed to the contaminants in the air, Which is why we have introduced the automatic UV water tap sterilization every 2 hours, guaranteeing safety and hygiene!

What is UV Sterilization?

UV radiation emitted from the UV lamp sterilizes 99% of harmful microorganisms in the safest safest and most effective sterilization method, eliminating over 99% of bacteria with ultraviolet wavelength emitted from the UV lamp

SK Magic Wiz S tank UV lamp

Build in UV C Wave sterilizes 99% of harmful bacteria and microbes

Introducing SK Magic Korea’s very first water room UV sterilization, along with the UV water tap sterilization.

Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria, guaranteeing perfect hygiene and safety

Manually turn on the UV sterilization function when even you like

SK Magic Wiz S high temperature

85-90 Celsius ideal for tea and coffee, one touch 95 in Celsius high temperature Boiling hot water in 3 – 10 minutes

Drink your coffee or tea with our hot water temperature setting (85-90c)

Cook your instant noodles with our high temperature water setting at 95c

Boiling water dispenses intermittently and is also dispensable whilst boiling

SK Magic Wiz S stainless steel tank

SK Magic Wiz S+ offering massive capacity stainless steel water room, suitable for cafe, office and public area

  • Child lock button design for children security purpose
  • Bigger stainless steel storage tank
  • Various LED lamps base on water temperature and status
  • Build Nano Tech water purifier system


Model WPU-B310F White
Tank Capacity Hot – 3.5L :, Cold – 4.8L
Dimension W255mm x D520mm x H1150mm
Net Weight 26KG

Rental Package

  • Service Every 2 months
  • Electrolysis Sterilization inspection every 2 months
  • Free replacement of major parts every 12 months
  • Up to 5 year warranty


3 Year – RM175 per month

5 Year – RM115 per month


Outright RM4600 1 year warranty and 2 month service

Outright RM4300 1 year warranty and 4 month service



RM99 Per Month | 5 Year | Service Every 2 Month

RM89 Per Month | 5 Year | Service Every 4 Month

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