SK Magic Top Korea Air Purifier


4 cutting-edge sensors for diligent maintenance

4 cutting-edge sensors including micro-fine dust particles and harmful gas sensors for complete maintenance of the air quality indoors

Easily visible dimming light

Large dimming light is attached for easy visibility and detection of the air quality indoors.

Improves the interior of your home with the flickering of the dimming lights.

Automatically retractable fan for effective maintenance

Dust particles are blocked out when the air purifier is not in use for clean maintenance of the product

WIFI IoT maintenance service

Remote control your air purifier system and maintenance service through your mobile device by install SK Magic’s Smart Center App, the app providing air quality monitoring, reporting, remotely on, off and reserved working controls.

SK Magic’s Smart Center App also trace remote controlling, management service and contact to Magic Care Service Center

Purification system

Pre Filter Remove airborne contaminants such as dust, hair and pet fur
Dust Filter Increases the removal capacity of the find dust while also eliminating coarse dust
Deodorization Filter Removes odor and harmful gases such as formaldehyde which causes sick building syndrome
HEPA Filter Superior removal of fine dust and cigarette smoke with 99% micro dust elimination


Top ACL-V16
Power Supply
AC 220-240 / 50Hz
Power Consumption
Net Weight

370(W) x 370(D) x 754 (H) mm

Rental Package

  • Service Every 2 months
  • Up to 5 year warranty


3 Year – RM145 per month

5 Year – RM100 per month


Outright RM3500 2 year warranty and service

Outright RM4200 4 year warranty and service


Rental 5 Year Contract

RM89 Per Month Service Every 2 Month

RM79 Per Month Service Every 4 Month

Rental 7 Year Contract

RM69 Per Month Service Every 2 Month

RM59 Per Month Service Every 4 Month

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RM3500 – 2 Year Warranty and Service Every 2 Month

RM3150 – 2 Year Warranty and Service Every 4 Month

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