SK Magic Motion Air Purifier ACL-V140M

SK Magic Motion air purifier detect human’s motion, decide contaminated spot and execute a intensive care by using 5 step purifier system and special design flow system

SK Magic Motion Air Purifier Malaysia Online
Rental : From RM120 per month
Outright : From RM4400
We offer following service  
Free Filter Maintenance
Free Repair
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SK Magic Motion Air Moving
TechnologySmart motion with AI
Sensor CompositionsFine particle laser sensor
Humidity sensor
Gas sensor
3 PIR sensors – Infrared Ray
IoT WifiYes
Shadow Moving LightBlue
Hidden Moving WheelYes
SK Magic Motion Feature
Korea first smart motion air purifier with build in artificial intelligent system, it’s cares air quality for 365 days with comprehensive maintenance
SK Magic Motion 6 Sensor

Build In 6 AI Sensors
Fine Particle Laser Sensor
Detect dust and particle generator by various motions in daily life

Gas Sensor
Display gas concentration level in Red Green Orange and Blue colors. Alarm system will alert user when red color continues over 10 minutes

Humidity / Temperature Sensor
Motion able to detect real time temperature and humidity, all information are display via LED dot

PIR Sensor – Infrared Ray
Motion build in three PIR infrared ray sensor to detect exactly direction of particle source
SK Magic Motion Sensor Pop Up

Smart Motion Detecting Sensors

Step 1
Detect dust and particle generator by various motions in daily life
Step 2
Auto rotate body and pop up toward to source of dust
Step 3
Focus on suction and purifying dust by detecting the environment through sensors
Step 4
Release purified air to every direction
SK Magic Motion Ionizer

Ionizer remove harmful hazardous substances
Bacteria in the air are cleanly remove by ionizer, motion will release ions in the air, ions combine to the harmful germs and bacteria then eliminate all harmful bacteria and germs
SK Magic Motion IOT

WIFI IoT maintenance service
Remote control your air purifier system and maintenance service through your mobile device by install SK Magic’s Smart Center App, the app providing air quality monitoring, reporting, remotely on, off and reserved working controls.
SK Magic’s Smart Center App also trace remote controlling, management service and contact to Magic Care Service Center


SK Magic Top Air Purifier Filter Malaysia
Pre FilterRemove airborne contaminants such as dust, hair and pet fur
Dust FilterIncreases the removal capacity of the find dust while also eliminating coarse dust
Deodorization FilterRemoves bad odor and harmful gases such as formaldehyde which causes sick building syndrome and so on
HEPA FilterSuperior removal of fine dust particles PM2.5/1.0, as well as pollen, pet dander, mold spores below PM0.3 and cigarette smoke with 99% micro dust elimination


Dimension360W x 360D x 805H (mm)
Power SupplyAC 220~240V / 50Hz
Power Consumption48W
Filtration1. Pre Filter
2. Dust Filter
3. Deodorization Filter
4. HEPA Filter

Motion Rental And Outright Package

Rental 3 YearRM180 Per Month
Rental 5 YearRM120 Per Month
Outright 1 YearRM4400.00
Outright 3 YearRM5100.00
– Service Every 2 months
– Free replacement of major parts every 12 months
– Up to 5 year warranty


Rental Package
Rental 5 YearRM99 Per Month
Service Every 2 Month
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Rental 5 YearRM89 Per Month
Service Every 4 Month
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Outright Package
Outright 2 YearRM3300
Service Every 2 Month
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Outright 2 Year RM3080
Service Every 4 Month
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