SK Magic Jiksoo Rich WPU-I200D

SK Magic all in one Jiksoo Rich ice maker water purifier, serving you with purest crystal clear ice cube and water in simple step

Jiksoo Rice WPU1200D

Rental : RM180 per month
Outright : RM6000

We offer following service

Free Filter Maintenance

Free Repair

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Jiksoo Order

Filtration System

All water filtration system come with SK magic’s innovative technology which able to filter out micro organic, bacteria, virus and heavy metal

Jiksoo Rich FEATURE

Jiksoo Rice WPU1200D Ice Inner Pipe

Jiksoo Tank less design with purest ice and water in Cold, Ambient and Hot water supply

Jiksoo Rich Infant feature come with 3 temperature hot water

Let your child drink Jiksoo

Introduce them to the best water from birth! Use the “infant water” function to make your baby formula with the right temperature every time!

Infant water is also available in lukewarm temperature.

Let your kids develop the habit of drinking water on their own with the innovative Child Friendly button!

– Water for infant design to baby formula 45C, 50C, 55C

– Water for tea 70C

– Water for instant noodles 85C – 90C

Jiksoo Rice WPU1200D Ice Stainless Steel Tube

Stainless inner tube design for preventing bacteria growth and durability for the overall performance

Jiksoo Rice WPU1200D Ice UV Sterilizer

Water tap sterilization every 2 hours to sterilizes 99% of harmful Microbes

What is UV Sterilization?

The safest and most effective sterilization method, eliminating over 99% of bacteria with ultraviolet wavelength emitted from the UV lamp

Jiksoo Rice WPU1200D Ice Room UV LED

Ice room build in Harmless UV-C Wave sterilizes 99% of harmful Microbes, bacteria and virus

Jiksoo Rice WPU1200D Ice Moving Water Tap

Jiksoo Rich Moving tab design convenient in any size of cup

  • 0.75KG large capacity ice storage
  • Select large or small size ice cube
  • Store about 68 large ice cubes / about 94 small ice cubes
  • Large ice cube about 11 gram
  • Small ice cube about 8 gram
  • Ice cubes capacity check
  • Water volume selection
  • 25.5cm slim size design
  • Korea’s first all Jiksoo Rich ice maker water purifier
  • Minimum power consumption guarantees worry-free electricity use
  • Korea’s first all Jiksoo Rich ice making water purifier


Model WPU-I200D
Tank Capacity Hot – No Tank, Cold – No Tank

Ice – 0.75L

Hot water Instant Hot
Cold water Compressor heat exchange
Dimension W255mm x D500mm x H492mm
Net Weight 18.3KG

1st Stage Filter
SK Magic Sediment Filter
Service : 4 months
Feature :

Remove larger size suspended solid such as loose scale, dirt, rush, sand, particles , dust, clay and organic material from water

2nd Stage Filter
SK Magic Carbon Filter
Service : 4 months
Feature :

Remove and absorb chlorine, volatile organic compounds, odor and particles from water to produce better taste drinking water

3rd Stage Filter
SK Magic Nanotech Filter
Service : 12 months
Feature :

Remove bacteria, virus, macro molecules, mammalian cells, colon bacillus and heavy metal

Jiksoo Rich Rental Package

  • Service Every 4 months
  • Filter change every 4 months
  • Electrolysis Sterilization inspection every 4 months
  • Free replacement of major parts every 12 months
  • Up to 5 year warranty

RM180 per month

Outright RM6000 1 year warranty


RM145 per month

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