SK Magic Jiksoo Ria WPU-A900C

SK Magic all in one Jiksoo Ria tankless water purifier, serving you with purest clean water in simple step


SK Magic Jiksoo Ria Malaysia Online
Rental : From RM160 per month
Outright : From RM3800
We offer following service  
Free Filter Maintenance
Free Repair
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TechnologyJiksoo Tankless
Instant CoolingYes
Instant HotYes
Volume Control120ml
Water filtration System
1st StageRemove larger size suspended solid such as loose scale, dirt, rush, sand, particles , dust, clay and organic material from water
2nd StageRemove and absorb chlorine, volatile organic compounds, odor and particles from water to produce better taste drinking water
3rd StageRemove bacteria, virus, macro molecules, mammalian cells, colon bacillus and heavy metal
Dimension210W x 500D x 465H (mm)
Power ConsumptionCold : 67W
Hot : 2900W
Filtration1. SK Magic Sediment
2. SK Magic Carbon Block
3. SK Magic Nanotech

Jiksoo Ria Rental and Outright Package

Rental 3 YearRM160 Per Month
Rental 5 YearRM105 Per Month
Outright 1 YearRM3800.00
Outright 3 YearRM4400.00
– Service Every 2 months
– Electrolysis Sterilization inspection every 2 months
– Free replacement of major parts every 12 months
– Up to 5 year warranty


Ria Only Package
Rental 5 YearRM99 Per Month
Service Every 2 Month
Rental 5 YearRM89 Per Month
Service Every 4 Month
Rental 7 Year RM79 Per Month
Service Every 2 Month
Rental 7 yearRM69 Per Month
Service Every 4 Month
Combo Package
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Outright Package
Outright 1 Year From RM3420
Free Additional 1 Year
Limited Promotion
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