JIKSOO Rapi with the innovative tank less system, all water contamination that usually occurs in stagnant water are eliminated, protecting the heal and safety of your family, JIKSOO Rapi is Ideal for home or office who need a compact water dispenser filter purifier system with hot ambient and cold water temperature

SK Magic Jiksoo Rapi Online
Rental : From RM120 per month
Outright : From RM4600
We offer following service  
Free Filter Maintenance
Free Repair
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TechnologyJIKSOO Tankless
TemperatureHot, Infant
Instant CoolingYes
Instant HotYes
Volume Control120ml
SK Magic JIKSOO Rapi Feature
JIKSOO Rapi water dispenser slim design tank less design with instant cooling, heating system and ambient temperature able to supply 3L (25 Cups) of continuous cold water flow
SK Magic Rapi Malaysia
JIKSOO Rapi Come with 3 temperature hot water
Let your child drink JIKSOO
Introduce them to the best water from birth! Use the “infant water” function to make your baby formula with the right temperature every time!

Infant water is also available in lukewarm temperature.
Let your kids develop the habit of drinking water on their own with the innovative Child Friendly button!
– Water for infant design to baby formula 45C, 50C, 55C
– Water for instant noodles 85C – 90C
sk magic rapi control
Simple and easy learn control touch panel with 4 type of volume to choose
Available in cold, ambient, hot, lukewarm to infant water temperature settings!
Turn on the UV sterilization function when even you like
Child lock button design for children security purpose
All of those functions inside a 17cm wide water purifier, allowing you to maximize your kitchen space.
sk magic rapi uv led
Water tap sterilization every 2 hours to sterilizes 99% of harmful Microbes
What is UV Sterilization?
The safest and most effective sterilization method, eliminating over 99% of bacteria with ultraviolet wavelength emitted from the UV lamp

– Child button
Let your kids develop the habit of drinking water on their own with the innovative Child Friendly button!

– Water volume selection

– 17cm slim size design

– Minimum power consumption guarantees worry-free electricity use


SK Magic Sediment FilterSK Magic Carbon FilterSK Magic Nanotech Filter
1st StageRemove larger size suspended solid such as loose scale, dirt, rush, sand, particles , dust, clay and organic material from water
2nd StageRemove and absorb chlorine, volatile organic compounds, odor and particles from water to produce better taste drinking water
3rd StageRemove bacteria, virus, macro molecules, mammalian cells, colon bacillus and heavy metal


Dimension170W x 490D x 390H (mm)
Tank CapacityHot – No Tank
Cold – No Tank
Ambient – No Tank
Hot waterInstant Heating
Cold waterCompressor heat exchange
Power ConsumptionCold : 67W
Hot : 2900W
Filtration1. SK Magic Sediment
2. SK Magic Carbon Block
3. SK Magic Nanotech


Rental 3 YearRM180 Per Month
Rental 5 YearRM120 Per Month
Outright 1 YearRM4300.00
Outright 3 YearRM4900.00
– Service Every 2 months
– Electrolysis Sterilization inspection every 2 months
– Free replacement of major parts every 12 months
– Up to 5 year warranty


Rental Package
Rental 7 YearRM85 Per Month
Service Every 2 Month
Rental 7 YearRM 79 Per Month
Service Every 4 Month
Outright Package
Outright 1 Year RM3225.00
Service Every 2 Month
Service Every 4 Month
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