SK Magic Consultant agent dealer register

SK Magic Consultant Agent Register Form

SK Magic Consultant

1. Who is SK Magic Consultant?

SK Magic MC are Well-Being Life Designing the healthy life of our customers, as a prominent face of our SK Magic, SK Magic Consultants agent advising the best SK Magic Products Jiksoo to each individual families enhancing their quality of life

2. Job duty of SK Magic Consultant

SK Magic Agent Provide professional service and design the healthy life style to every family in Malaysia by proposing the most optimum products consult and helping with customers using Rental Products to utilize their product

SK Magic Agent Special benefit

1. Outstanding Income rate

Monthly income RM3,000 – RM15,000

*may vary to individual capacity

2. Professional Attire Provided

Professionalism overloaded with SK Magic’s smart looking uniform and polo shirt

3. Numerous rewards

Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Individual awards

4. Extensive training program

Nurturing to a Professional SK Magic’s Well-Being Care MC through 4 structural steps

Step 1 : Basic course (2 days)

Step 2 : Sales foundation (1 day)

Step 3 : Advanced course (1 day)

Step 4 : Professional course (1 day)

5. Oversea training for Top performing MC

Stand a chance to visit Korea for Top quality training!

Additional resources support

1. Site sales kit provided for personal sales support

2. Exclusive app support for our SK Magic agent, from customer order to sales register under the verge of your fingertips!