SK Magic WIZ R RO Floor Standing WPU-400F Korea Water Dispenser

RO Reverse Osmosis system ideal for home and office who need a massive capacity water dispenser filter purifier system with hot and cold water temperature


Water tap sterilization every 2 hours to sterilizes 99% of harmful Microbes


Build in UV C Wave sterilizes 99% of harmful bacteria and microbes

Manually turn on the UV sterilization function when even you like


80-90 Celsius ideal for tea and coffee, one touch 95 in Celsius high temperature Boiling hot water in 3 – 10 minutes


Massive capacity stainless steel water room, suitable for cafe, office and public area


  • Child lock button design for children security purpose
  • Smart moving tap
  • Bigger stainless steel storage tank
  • Various LED lamps base on water temperature and status
  • Build in Reverse Osmosis RO water purifier system


Model WPU-B400F White
Tank Capacity Hot – 3.5L :, Cold – 4.8L
Dimension W255mm x D520mm x H1150mm
Net Weight 26KG


Rental Package

  • Service Every 4 months
  • Filter change every 4 months
  • Electrolysis Sterilization inspection every 4 months
  • Free replacement of major parts every 12 months
  • Up to 5 year warranty

RM120 per month

Outright RM3600 1 year warranty and service

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